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PHP Business Directory Script Features

Our Business Directory Script have more attractive features . we are listed some them below . This will helpful to understand our PHP Directory Script

SEO Features

SEO Is a very important for online business directory our PHP Directory Script come with most important SEO Features Below:

SEO Features


Our PHP Yellow pages script contain SEO Friendly URL .this URL Structure suitable for Local SEO Rank Boosting

Title & Meta Description:

Automatically Generate Title & Meta Description based on City and Sub locality


Generate XML Sitemap Index for each city. This will increase the indexing of all URL

Schema mark-up:

PHP Directory Script comes with schema mark-up system it will shows customers reviews and local business information via schema mark-up

Mobile responsive:

Our Business directory script compatible with all kind of device. This PHP Directory Script design separately for mobile device
Internal Link:

PHP Directory internal Link System comes deep linking with one page to another pages

Refine Result:

Each listing page contain refine result URL’s this will print related category of each URL based on particular location and sub location this will boost The SERP Ranking

data markup

Lead Generating Features

Leads are most important for any yellow pages or yelp like business our PHP-Directory Script completely fit for lead generating purpose

PHP Directory Script Get quote Forms

Easy Get Quote Forms:

Our PHP-Directory Enquire forms is very attractive & user friendly it simply Ask Name, Email & Mobile No and category and location details are auto filled based on the landing page

Verified Leads:

Each leads are verify by using Mobile OTP Verifications when user fill the get quote forms the OTP send to the customer mobile number once user verify the mobile number leads are forwarded to premium users

Instant Email & SMS

The Leads details are sending to our premium listing members on particular category at particular locations via Email & SMS. If premium members not present on particular category then the leads are forwarded to free listing members on particular category

Leads Management:

You Can Manage all leads by using our backend system with filtering option by category and locations

Instant OTP Verification
Listing Management Features

Business listing is very important for any Online Business Directory Business in our PHP Business directory script contain more features for listing management

Bulk Uploade

Bulk CSV Upload:

PHP-Directory Come with easy CSV Bulk uploading module this will create listings automatically based on selected category and location

Auto Latitude & Longitude Creations:

When use the bulk CSV uploading system. The latitude of each sub locations create automatically by using GOOGLE MAPS API Integrations

Manage Listing:

PHP-Directory enable the easy listing management with our backend system .you can manage each listing with editing, deleting and much more Features

Menu Types & Style | Navigation Menu Features

Navigations system is very important for both User and Search engines Our PHP Business directory script contain different types of menus

Top Menu:

Top Menu available at the above the search bar with icons you can manage this menu by using backend. This menu only shows for very popular locations for example when user marks San Francisco as very popular location the top menu shows at San Francisco location page. This menu comes with mega menu features

top menu
popular menu

Popular menu:

PHP Directory Script comes with different type of menu. Our second menu is known as Popular Menu this menu shows both popular and very popular locations this menu style is vertical like menu style these menu icons are managed by back end menu management system. Admin can add the links by using menu management module

Normal Menu:

This Yellow pages script comes with another menu called normal menu. This is same style as popular menu .this menu only shows for when location marked as normal location, admin can manage this third menu by using admin panel

Location Management Features

Our PHP Directory Script comes with easy location management features with this user can easily add locations.The latitude and longitude are auto filled by using Google geo maps API

Multi-level Location Managements:

User can add multi-level of locations that means user can add country wise, state wise, city wise and area wise locations.  This can helps to increase the deep level of flirting and these features helpful for generate more Search engine traffic

Type of locations:

There are several type of location available in this PHP directory script:

Normal Location:

When the city is marked as normal location this city has limited to available some features such as menu types and location visibility

This normal location doesn’t available for top menu and popular menu this locations show  normal menu with same popular menu styles

popular location
location managements

Popular Location:

When the city is marked as popular . That city image shown on home and  their location page menu should be a popular menu

Very Popular Location:

When the city is marked as very popular location. The city page should have both top and popular menu bar also this location should visible on home page

Sub location:

The last level of location is called sub location this sub location page characteristics are based on parent location when user marked the sub location as popular location that sub location link will be shown on popular localities list

Listing style and features

Our PHP Directory Software available with high rich UI Design for listing page. There are two type of listing style available

Free Listing

Free business listing not contain highlighting tag .it look like ordinary the featured image show be the first image of uploaded images when user click get quote  button  pop window will be open this simple form generate leads   to business owners

listing style
premium listing style

Premium listing:

Premium Business listing highlighted as premium .other things are same as free business listing but lead forwarding system will be different if premium listing present on particular category. Also premium listing will be always on the top of the listing on particular category and locations

Call Button:

There is one feature available on the each listing named as call button when user click on the call button pop window will be open . Once user filled and verify their mobile number , The business owner mobile number will show on same pop up window

Write the review:

When user want to review about the particular business this feature will be help. When user click on the write review button. One pop window will be open for the user to fill up their reviews. There is option for star ratings. This star rating appear on the right corner of the each listings

post reviews
Detail Page Listing Features

Each business listing comes with business detail page there are lot of features available for business detail pages we listed some below


Business profile:

In this section top banner image is a cover photo of business listing. Business owner uploaded images are showcase as a gallery.

Claim Now:

There is one feature named as claim now features. In the case of bulk uploading lot of listing are added by Admin ,so real business owner able to claim their business by using mobile number verification. Once business owner claimed successfully this claim now button hidden automatically also business owner manage their particular business

Near By Business:

Another one feature available in this page named as nearby business. All of nearby business are shown on left side of business profile

near by12
Add Business Features

For Every Business Directory script is give importance for Business adding methods. Our PHP directory scripts give some more importance on that matter .there are lot of features available we are listed some important things

Add Business

Keyword tagging:

Our PHP Directory Script using keyword tagging field to add keywords for particular business user can add unlimited keywords by using this feature

City and sub locality:

Our add business page in the yellow pages script given easy way of selecting city and sub locations for business owners also each field has validated before submit the form

Duplicate avoid:

Our PHP Directory Script Avoid the duplicate listings before adding existing business via add business page

OTP Verification:

Our Add business page Default comes with OTP Verification to avoid spam business listing also business owner cannot me use same mobile number for other business

Other Some Important Features

Instant Email

Instant Email

Our PHP Directory Script use Mail gun as an email delivering solution so when user fill get quote form, the leads are send business owners instantly ,also when user fill registration or add business page  instant mail delivered to corresponded users

Instant SMS

Instant SMS

Our PHP Directory Script uses a SMS91 and twilio as an SMS API Providers.  So OTP are send instantly through mobile numbers also leads are send to premium business owner mobile number instantly without any delay

CMS Module

CMS Module

Our Yellow pages Script have a unique CMS System to manage the pages like About us , Terms and Condition  and much more pages  you can easily add , edit and delete the pages with our CMS Module



Sitemap is a one of the important need of SEO; Our Online Business directory script comes with XML SITEMAP INDEX Features you can generate up to 10 Million URLS via This SITEMAP INDEX methods



Internal Linking is an important feature of SEO, so This HTML SITEMAP enables great quality internal linking of the entire URL. This will boost your SERP in Google

Multiple Images

Multiple images

User can upload multiple images for listing while adding the business or edit the business.  Our business directory script set the first image as featured image for listing then all remaining images show like a gallery

Signup / Login

Signup / Login

Our Yelp Clone Scripts Have a unique feature for signup and login pages, user can easily login via Facebook and registered email id with password every user can login directly to user dashboard, all registered users can add unlimited number of business via user dashboard

Reviews / Ratings

Reviews / Ratings

Our Justdial Clone Scripts have an easy review systems for every business pages user can add start rating and comments for every business. This reviews are integrated with Google schema markup.this will increase the Google Click through rate to generate qualified traffic

Nearby Location & Listings

Nearby location & Listings

Our Business Directory Script Contain Nearby location and popular location module this will show on every listing page & sub location listing page. This nearby sub location is print based on latitude and longitude. This will helpful for user to find nearby location and popular location in the particular city

Bulk Upload/ Geomaps API

Bulk Upload/ Geomaps API

Bulk Upload is the very essential features of all listing based Classified Scripts. Our PHP Directory Script has the easy way of uploading by using Google GEO Maps API this will automate the latitude and longitude creations and useful to find nearby location and nearby business

User Management

User Management

Our Readymade Directory Script handle heavy user management system easily with the help of our software this features allows you can add , edit ,delete any user from user management panel also you can change password for any user

Leads Management

Leads Management

Goal of directory software is to generate qualified leads for every category. Our business directory generates more number of qualified leads from simple get quote system. You can manage every single leads from backend .you can filter by all leads by category and date of every leads

City Management

City Management

Our Directory software comes with easy city management system. User can add, edit and delete any city from our backend also user can make the city very popular or normal by single click. Each type of city has unique features.

Also Listed Feature

Also Listed Feature

This feature is one of the special one in the PHP Directory Script. If some business owners require leads from more than one city, in particularly premium business owner require more number of leads. When admin use this also listed field to more number of cities from admin panel, so that particular business owner receives leads from some more cities

Menu & ICON Management

Menu & ICON Management

You can manage all three types of menus from admin panel .this directory’s software helps to add links, edit the links and delete the link easily from menu management features. This also allows the admin to add & remove icons for each set of menus

Category Management

Category Management

Categories are very important for business directory. We are using effective category management .Admin can add unlimited sublevel of category. This features help admin can able to select multiple number of category while adding listing via admin panel. Admin can able to add, edit and delete the category via admin panel

Location Management

Location Management

Location is very import for any local directory. Our Readymade directory script has unique features for location management. Admin add up to four level of location like Country->State->City>Sub location Model. Admin can mark the particular location as popular or normal; admin can edit or delete any location from admin panel

Listing Management

Listing Management

One of the most important things in business directory is business listings. Our Readymade Online Business Directory Script gives more importance to that features. Admin can add unlimited number of listings via bulk upload or manual method. Admin can mark the particular business as a premium or non-premium, admin can edit or delete the particular business

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